September 9: Prophetic Application — Expectant Living

Read Matthew 25:1-13

Many of us deal with the fear of being unprepared. Some of us might even admit to having nightmares of being in front of a group of people making a presentation and realizing that we forgot our note cards, flash drive, or something else important. We find ourselves in that specific nightmare because it is a subconscious fear of ours.

If there is something that you don’t want to be caught unprepared for, it’s the End Times. Matthew 25 contains one of the best examples of expectant living in the Bible. This parable talks about a wedding. There are the ten virgin bridesmaids who are waiting for the arrival of the groom. This is obviously not a portrayal of a wedding in the 21st century, but it was very common for weddings of that time. As the virgins were waiting into the night for the groom, they fell asleep. “Behold, the bridegroom!” was the cry that woke them up. Rushing to get their things together, half of the virgins ask to borrow some oil for their lamps because they had none. But the prudent virgins told them to go buy their own. As they were out, the five prepared virgins went into the wedding supper. But when the five foolish virgins came back, the groom would not let them in.

Key to this parable is the fact that the foolish virgins were not asking to top off their lamps with oil, they were asking for oil to fill their lamps. They had none. The significance of each aspect of this parable can be debated for hours. The bottom line is this: if you are caught off guard by the End Times, it will be the worst mistake of your life. Instead of looking towards the future with uncertainty and fear, we must know what is coming and look with eagerness because we want to spend eternity with God.

In our culture today, many people live against Jesus. They don’t care about Jesus or the Christian life at all. Don’t allow yourself to be one of them. Jesus came to earth to die for your sins and wants to be in a relationship with you! Take advantage of that opportunity. For if you do, you will escape the wrath of the End Times and you can look towards the future with absolute certainty knowing that soon you will be in the presence of the God of the universe!


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