September 10: Prophetic Application — Evangelistic Fervor

Read Acts 1:1-11

This knowledge is not something we can keep to ourselves. There are ears that need to hear and lives that need to be changed through what we’ve been studying over the last four weeks.

In Acts 1, Jesus was ready to ascend into Heaven. He challenged His disciples to wait patiently for the Holy Spirit to come. It was not a suggestion, but a command. After the life change they had all experienced over the previous three years with Jesus, He challenged them to share the good news with others.

As a Christian, you may not be affected by the Tribulation of the End Times. But time is running short and there are people out there who will be affected. God consistently reminds us in His Word to be ready, expectant for the End Time events to occur. For those people who aren’t living expectantly and haven’t given Jesus control of their lives, you and I have been tasked with being God’s witnesses to them. You may be the only piece of hope in their life. You could be the only one to ever share the gospel with them.

People’s eternal destinies should be the thought that keeps us focused on the gospel. Imagine your co-workers, friends, and family all enduring the Tribulation. It’s not something you would want your worst enemy to experience. You have the hope that can save. Be the person who explains the gospel in a way they understand.  Be the one who draws them closer to God.

If you keep your faith to yourself, it is worthless. James 1 tells us that faith without works is dead. The most evident aspects of a believer’s life are his or her actions. They are what set us apart from everyone else. If you claim to have faith in Jesus, you should be out there sharing with everybody the hope that you have. It’s not something that we can keep to ourselves. The eternity of souls is at stake. Be the voice that people need in this broken world. Be the light shining in the darkness, proclaiming the saving grace that can only be found through Jesus Christ.


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