September 16: Transformed Into New

Read Acts 1:-2:47

Jesus had promised power for His disciples. It was the kind of power that would make them witnesses not just in their neighborhoods but all over the world.

I read this Scripture, and I wonder, what was it that made Peter stand up that day in Jerusalem? What exactly made him take the lead? Was it his sure place and restored fellowship with the Lord? And what about the fire-tongues that he and all the others saw and everyone around them heard? Why was Peter the one to stand up and proclaim Jesus the loudest? This fisherman from Bethsaida stood up and addressed an entire crowd about Jesus Christ and things of God. A fisherman, mind you, who just weeks earlier wouldn’t even admit his acquaintance with Jesus to a slave girl in a courtyard.

There is only one explanation: it was the power of God at work in Peter.

Yes, the man Jesus called the Rock stepped into his role that day in Jersusalem, the day the Holy Spirit came down. And God Himself enabled Peter to live up to his name. He empowered him to speak the truth about Jesus Christ to people from all over the world. God grew Simon into a rock. Then He used him to display His might. To display His amazing work of forgiveness and strength.

After the Pentecost, Peter spent the rest of his life serving Jesus Christ the Lord. He lived every part of the rest of his days on earth displaying God’s power and proclaiming it as such. Not just with the words he spoke, but he did it with the way he lived. Changed. Jesus transformed Peter into His witness, just like He’d promised.

That same transformation awaits each of us. When we trust Him with our lives and proclaim Jesus Christ as the Lord, He makes us new. Turns us into displays of His mercy and grace. Gives us a new nature. He doesn’t necessarily change our personalities (He certainly didn’t change Peter’s), but rather He solidifies them in His truth, uses them for His glory.

Let’s step into the role He’s called us to.


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