September 21: A Little Taste

Read 1 Peter 2:1-10

What is that food item for you? What is that delicacy where just a bite won’t do? It is one of those foods where a simple taste…while incredible in itself…just leads to the next mouthful…and the next. Celeste’s apple dumplings are one of her many creations that have that effect on me. A single bite causes me to crave more.

People in the first century must have had similar culinary experiences. After all, Peter used that imagery to remind his readers that, in salvation, they had experienced a taste of God’s goodness. Think about the grace you experience at salvation. All of your past sin…forgiven. All of God’s wrath…satisfied. All of Christ’s righteousness…imputed to you. All of your future…in His hands. All of heaven…securely yours.

Peter reminds us of the delicious taste of God’s goodness as he points us to our current status and position. Here are some of the word pictures he uses.

  • Even though we were once not people recognized by Him, now we are His very possession!
  • Though we were once not recipients of His mercy, now, in Christ, we have received it.
  • We have gone from nobodies to being a holy race.
  • We have been transported from darkness to light.
  • We are now a royal priesthood…princes and princesses who can serve the King!

Those represent but a taste of God’s goodness. Because of all that, we should crave more. We should yearn for the Scriptures where our souls can be nourished with an ever increasing awareness of the realities of His goodness towards us (v. 2). Because of all that, we should experience transformation from our old ways to ways that please him (v. 1). Because of all that, we should verbalized His goodness in very opportunity we have


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