September 27: Productive Faith

Read 2 Peter 1:1-11

It is only through the righteousness of Jesus Christ that we have this faith. The faith by which we know God. Intimately. And this faith itself is a gift all its own. By it we don’t just know about God. We have a relationship with Him. For God made Himself known through Jesus Christ the Son, and now we can know Him, Almighty God. Yes, He gave us this faith, more precious than the rarest stone.

In fact, the very grace of God has allowed us everything we need to live. Everything we could possibly necessitate for life the way God calls us to do it. It’s really the only true kind of life. He has given us promises, too. The kinds of promises that change the way we live if we keep our focus on Him.

Yes, this faith we have is a precious and vital gift of grace from God Himself. A vital part of the life we have received. As such, Peter writes, we need to keep it growing. We can’t let it grow stagnant or cold or numb. Strengthening the already solid base of unshakable grace that we have already been given, Peter calls us to fervently seek to know God more. To go after Him like we’re madly in love. For, in so doing, we will keep our focus on the truth of the promises. The truth of eternity. And this knowing God will not be just something we say we have. Rather, our knowledge of God will deepen as our relationship with Him does. Our faith, as a result, will bring forth the affect that God intended — making us more like Himself, bringing more people to know Him.

It’s relationship at its finest. A gift of God Himself. Not one us of has either earned it or achieved it. Even so, all of has the ability to chase God with the kind of fever-like desire that can only deepen any love story. Strengthen any relational bond.

You see, it’s up to us. And it’s not up to us. All at the same time. We have what we need because God has gifted us with His absolutely undeserved grace. But we need not forget it, lest we grow stagnant and weak as we stand in this grace called relationship with God through Jesus Christ His Son.


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