September 28: Unchanging Word of God

Read 2 Peter 1:12-27

What did God’s voice sound like? What was it like to hear the very voice of God?

“This is my Son, whom I love” (Mk. 9:2-7).

Did the mountain shake with the echo of the Almighty? Did that voice change something in the fiber of Peter’s being? Did thoughts like this resonate with the echo of His voice? I just heard the very voice of God. Almighty God has spoken. And I have heard. And now I know the voice of God. Now I know the Words He speaks. God spoke His Word on that sacred mountain. Very God spoke. And man heard God.

Man can know God because He spoke.

God gave His Word in a sacred manger, too. When the Word became flesh. God made Himself known in the form of a man. And we can know God because He came.

The ancient prophets, too. They heard the truth of God by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The spoke it. And wrote it. And we can know God because He used men to speak His Word.

Yes, God has made Himself known. He has revealed His Word to man. Same truth spoken on that sacred mountain, spoken in the life of Jesus Christ, God Himself. Same solid foundation He spoke through His prophets so very long ago.

God’s truth, His Word, has never changed. It always stands. Always. Therefore, we can live solidly planted on the truth of that Word. The solid hope of the promises.


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