November 5: Worship: Motivation, Location, Method

Read Psalm 150:1-6

There is no doubt what this psalmist wanted readers like us to do, right?  He only says it thirteen times!  We are to praise the Lord.  We are to express to Him our heartfelt worship.

But beyond the admonition to praise God, the author of this Psalm also gives us three key prepositions that describe aspects of our praise. We are to praise Him . . .

  • in” (v. 1) This word describes location. Praise Him in the sanctuary. It references a part of the temple, a building that had been constructed for and consecrated to God. It was here that a person could individually and corporately express worship. Of course, the attitude of the heart is much more important than the location of the body (Jn. 4:21-24). Still, there is great blessing found in worshiping the infinite God of heaven together with others. Praise the Lord!
  • for” (v. 2) This word describes motivation. What is there that causes you to want to worship Him? Verse two gives you reasons that prompt that response. Mention of His mighty acts draws us back to biblical events like creation, the plagues, the conquests, the miracles of Jesus, and His death and resurrection. But that mention also prompts us to consider how we have personally witnessed those acts in our own lives and in the lives of those we know. Meanwhile, we are also to praise Him for His greatness. He is exalted above the earth with attributes that are unlike human characteristics in their nature and/or scope. Praise the Lord!
  • with” (vv. 3-5) This word describes method. The psalmist largely describes  instrumental praise. Some of these instruments were capable of celebrating with loud volume! But also thrown into the mix is the mention of praising the Lord with dancing. What method would you use to most sincerely express your praise to God? What is the best reflection of you? Whatever it is, praise the Lord!

Certainly, the rest of the Bible illuminates more detail about worship. There is, however, no escaping the fact that it is central to the Bible! So, follow the psalmist’s instruction! Praise the Lord!


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