November 8: Pride as an Obstacle to Worship

Read Ezekiel 28:14-15 and Isaiah 14:12-15

It’s Satan’s story of doom. Pride was his nemesis, the cause for his fall.

Created to guard God’s throne, Satan used to live in the very presence of God. Then he let pride step in and everything changed. Forever.

The very enemy of Almighty God has a history that started in His Presence. Created by His hands, Satan used to worship God continually, serving in Presence. But one day his heart leaned in to the idea that he could do things better than his Creator could.

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High” (Is. 14:14).

That was the day Satan fell from God’s Presence and became His enemy instead. The day Satan let pride steal the job he’d been created for — worshiping Almighty God.

Because it’s impossible to worship what you’re convinced is less than you are. True worship, begins in the silent realization of who God is and who we are not. When we encounter God and realize His holiness we respond in worship. But worship can’t happen unless we grasp our own lowliness in comparison with God.

That’s how pride keeps us from worship. It’s how Satan fell from God’s presence. Because he believed he could be better than God. He could no longer worship because his heart no longer believed God was worth it.

It might be easy to read this story and think well, that was Satan. I could never believe something so crazy. I know I’m not better than God is. Still, the minute we start to believe we could never be that bad, is the minute we open the door to the pride that pulled Satan from the worshiping in the Presence of God to the ruling in the kingdom of hell.

It can show up in all kinds of ways.

Disobedience that starts with believing that our ways are better than God’s. Prayerlessness that fails to seek God’s and listen for His truth. Inaction that believes comfortable is a better choice than a step of faith He’s set before us.

Beware, lest you fall.

Beware and know this — pride will keep you from worship. And you were made for worshiping God.


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