November 24: Abigail the Peacemaker

Read 1 Samuel 25

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God” (Matt. 5:9).

Peacemaking, I imagine, had become a lifestyle for Abigail. After all, she had lived with a man who’s name means fool for who knows how long. No doubt this was not the first time she’d had to smooth things over.

But this time it was more than just a smoothing over. God was about to use Abigail to bring peace to her home as well as to protect the peace David had in his heart.

David and his men, about 600 in all, hid from Saul in the Wilderness of Paran. As such, they provided protection for their countrymen and their livestock. Protection from hoodlums who might try to steal from them or harass them.

It was customary for those being protected to offer some sort of tribute or gift of thanks. That’s why David sent his men to Nabal. He merely expected what was known to be a common courtesy.

Nabal, though, in his arrogant selfishness, refused to share his abundance, even with David. That made David angry. It made him so angry, in fact, that he readied his men for a vengeful attack against Nabal the fool.

I find it interesting that just one chapter ago, we find David refusing to take vengeance against Saul. David chose, instead, to trust the God of peace for that revenge. But here he is, ready to take matters into his own hands, unwilling to trust God with the fool named Nabal.

Indeed, such revenge would have disrupted David’s relationship with God and the peace he’d enjoyed from fearing Him.

I believe God had prepared Abigail for this very day. When she heard about her husband’s foolishness, she made a plan. And God used her to make peace for her home even while protecting the peace David knew in his heart.

When we trust God for life through Jesus Christ, we have peace with Him. You and I can live in God’s peace.

It’s what we’ve been studying for the last three weeks.

So what does peace look like for you?

Does God want to use you to help bring peace to others? Are you willing to risk humiliation like Abigail was? Do you look to protect the peace God gives? Are you willing to let Him use you to be the peacemaker He has called you to be?

Will the coming new year be the year of peace for you? It can be!


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