November 27: The Hope of Advent Day 2

Read Genesis 12

When I consider God’s methods for promises fulfilled, the truth of hope during this season of Advent, my mind gets overwhelmed. He sent His own perfect Son to face His unbearable wrath so He could conquer the consequences of yours and my sin. This is madness.

It doesn’t make sense.

Why would all-knowing, all-powerful God subject His own sinless Son to His fury on our behalf? Why would He give us what we do not deserve?

I read the promise God gave to the old man Abram and I wonder the same thing — why would He promise to make a childless old man the father of a great nation? Why would He tell him to leave all that he knew and travel to a land where his offspring would settle?

At 75 years old, this man had no offspring! God’s promise rang true, though. He did not forget His promise. This is the hope of Advent. Approximately 2,000 years later, God used Abram’s offspring to bear Jesus Christ, the Savior Son of God. Through Him all people on earth, you and me included, can have blessing and real life.

It’s a crazy plan, this God-sized promise, but Abram chose to believe it. And God proved Himself faithful by giving him a son and founding the nation of Israel through this one man’s seed.

We learn a few chapters later that God credited Abram’s faith in His promise as righteousness (Gen 15:6). Abram’s faith in God and in His way, the promise of an offspring who would bring blessing for all people, made him righteous before God.

The craziness of God’s promise to Abram 6,000 years ago came to fruition some 4,000 years later, and now you and I are faced with the same choice Abram had to make. We can trust God’s promise, or we can call it crazy and deny the faith.

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God’s promise. Our faith in Him alone will make us righteous. He came to bring us righteousness so that we can live freely, counted as righteous because of Him. (See Rom 4:5.) This is the true hope of Christmas.

Is your Christmas hope for real?


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