December 17: The Faithful Love of The Father, Advent Week 4

Read Nehemiah 9:1-38

“And you have kept your promise, for you are righteous” (v. 8).

The Everlasting Father has never let His children down. He’s never not done what He said He would do. Because He is faithful and His love endures forever.

He proved it time and time again to His people, the children of Israel. That’s what the Levites recalled as they spoke with Him in Nehemiah 9. Starting with His covenant promise to Abraham, they remembered His fatherly faithfulness. They traced His mercy and steadfast love from their rescue out of Egypt to His guiding hand through the wilderness and into the land He’d promised them. The Everlasting Father never, ever let His children down. His faithful love never stopped. Not before Nehemiah and those Levites whose words we read today. Not ever.

You see, Christmas was a promise our Everlasting Father gave hundreds of years before Mary’s pregnancy was ever a thing. His faithful love did not forget. His faithful love is why He came. It’s why He kept His covenant promise to His people, even through all of their wickedness and sin. Through the truth of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Everlasting Father’s Word was proven faithful yet again. He gave His word that He would send a Savior, and it was as good as done.


“And he will be called . . . Everlasting Father . . .” (Is. 9:6).

The Everlasting Father made Himself known through a baby born in a barn one night because He made a promise to love. And this is Christmas. The truth of Almighty God loving you and me so truly that His promise of rescue had to be fulfilled.

And now, beloved people of earth, the Everlasting Father, wants to be just that for you. He will never abandon you, never give up on you. He will never wash His hands of you. He always only loves you.

Yes, this is Christmas!



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