December 26: Who Is This Jesus?

Read Romans 5:12-21

Remember that time God told his creatures not to eat from a certain tree and they did it anyway? It’s when sin poked its head and got comfy on earth. The Fall of Man, many people call it, happened in the middle of Eden, where God and mankind could once walk uninhibited and free. Intimate honesty and open purity characterized their relationship until Adam chose his own way over God’s and let sin in.

Since then, death has bossed mankind around with its inevitability and fear. Because sin brought death. Adam introduced sin to this world after Satan tempted him with his wife’s cunning way of talking him into something he would forever regret. He and all of mankind.

But another man came. A fully-God man. Jesus Christ showed up and conquered what Adam introduced. He killed death by taking sin with Him to the cross and procuring life — real life.

Now you and I can have it — this real and eternal life — if we trust in His righteousness instead of our own. We can reign in life because of His gift. This is the Jesus we celebrate.

If Adam, the created, could bring death through his sin, certainly God the Creator can bring life through His righteousness.

And this is the gift we’ve been offered. The gospel. We can take it and trust Him or not. But if we choose to deny it and trust ourselves, we will come up short because you and I were born under the curse. The one that Adam and Eve brought upon us that day in Eden. The only way out is through the Man who brought life through His death on the cross.

The gospel is that easy and that hard. It’s God’s grace showing up inside the mess you and I have made of our own lives. It’s His hand moving in to where our shame has us hiding. It’s admitting our mess and exchanging it for His righteousness.

It’s life through Jesus Christ.


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