January 10: Practical from A to Z

Read Psalm 119:89-120

Psalm 119 is a unique chapter of the Bible.  With 176 verses, it is the longest chapter.  But its author also wrote it “acrostically.”  In other words, the chapter is written in twenty-two, eight verse segments.  In its Hebrew form as originally written, the first word of each verse in an eight verse segment begins with the same Hebrew letter.  And the eight verse segments reflect successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet from “aleph” to “taw” (the Hebrew equivalent of A to Z).

But it is not only the structure of the Psalm that is of interest.  Its content also reflects a unique focus on the value of the word of God.  In fact, virtually every verse includes some specific reference to the Scriptures.  You saw in today’s reading that they are referred to as “word,” “law(s),” “precepts,” “statutes,” “commands,” “decrees,” and “promise.”

The author expresses both his commitment to the Scriptures and their practical value.  Here are just some of the statements that remind us of the practical teaching God gives to us in the Bible.

  • It prevented him from perishing (v. 92
  • It preserved his life (v. 93)
  • It makes him wiser than his enemies, teachers, and elders (v. 98- 100)
  • It prevents him from being ensnared (v. 110)

Even a quick reading of these verses reminds us of the incredible treasure we have in the Scriptures.  Likely, you found yourself thinking, “Wow!  The author really holds the word of God in high regard!”  And perhaps you even found yourself questioning, “Do I have that much appreciation for the Bible?  Do I run to it because I have repeatedly experienced its practical teachings and need them more and more in my life?”

Those are important questions to ask!  And the Scriptures should be your A to Z go to source for practical, daily living.


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