January 18: Serve God With Your Abilities

Read Acts 9:36-43

As we continue to look at the catalysts that will strengthen your faith commitment to God, we are examining the value of your personal involvement in ministry. If you haven’t already, you will discover that part of being “fully alive” in Christ includes a commitment to serving Him according to your SHAPE: spiritual gifting, heart, ability, personality, and experience. Today, we look at your abilities.

I drove past a funeral home once as people were carrying model airplanes into the building. That seemed odd! My assumption is that the deceased had really enjoyed a hobby of model airplanes and that family members and friends wanted to display artifacts from this important part of his/her life. You can learn what a person valued from the items and pictures at their calling hours and funeral and from the tributes given at the funeral.

Apparently, the first-century setting described in Acts 9 had some of the same funeral traditions. Tabitha (Dorcas) had died. Her body was prepared and placed in an upper room. People gathered around to weep and share stories. They even displayed articles of clothing that Tabitha had made. Sound sad? Keep in mind:

  1. God used Peter to raise Tabitha back to life!
  2. God had used Tabitha to bring encouragement to others.

With regard to the encouragement brought to others, Tabitha had been characterized as “always doing good and helping the poor.” It seems logical that the articles of clothing displayed by the widows at the calling hours had likely been gifts sewn by Tabitha. She was a seamstress. She knew how to make things out of cloth and she used that ability to serve God and bless others.

What abilities do you have that could be used for God’s glory? I have known people with construction skills that were put to use in mission building projects. I have known people who knit baby blankets for the Pregnancy Care Center. I know people who dedicate their computer skills to help in the local church. I even know of people who have leveraged their ability to run long distances to raise thousands of dollars for orphan care. What ability do you have that you can dedicate to Him? What items and pictures will be shared at your funeral?


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