February 7: Church, an Electric Place!

Read Acts 2:1-47

It happened in the month of May around 30 a.d . . . a landmark day in human history. It was the Jewish holiday of Pentecost. But that wasn’t what made it special. No, this day was extraordinary because it was the day the Church was born. On that day, the Spirit of God came upon followers of Christ. On that day, Peter shared a message. On that day, three thousand responded in faith and baptism. Those three thousand came together and became the first church.

The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest continuously operating churches in the world.

Think about how monumental that is. That church was the first of literally millions of churches that have since come into existence. Our church traces its roots ultimately to that church and to that day.  And that church, though I am sure it wasn’t perfect, modeled for us the purpose and some of the values that every congregation should embrace and express.

That first church in Jerusalem was an electric place. You probably noticed it as you read. People were filled with awe because of what they experienced. Their jaws dropped and eyes opened wide, not only because of miracles that happened in their midst.  No, there was more to it than that. They had transforming experiences as they subjected themselves to the teaching they received. People gave and people received and needs were met. They were enjoyed rich relationships in the context of warm times together in each other’s homes. Times of communion were reminiscent of that evening when Christ shared those symbols with His disciples. The atmosphere in the early church was expectant and electric.

Wooster Grace stands firm as a recipient of that legacy. Perfect? Definitely not. Room for improvement? Of course. But it is a place where people have transforming encounters with the Scriptures! It represents an opportunity to experience deep relationships! Here is a group of people where many sacrifice in order to meet the needs of others! In our church, men and women experience the living Christ!

There is so much at Grace that blesses me, I want to invite others to share my experiences. How about you? As you look for opportunities to reach out and share Jesus, it makes sense to invite them to join you in experiencing the body of Christ. Why not invite them to Grace Church this weekend? Reach out and watch God work.


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