February 11: How Much Has the Lord Done for You?

Read Mark 5:1-20

Talk about life change! There is no doubt that this man experienced it.

Before Jesus came along, he was downright scary. The fact that he lived in a graveyard was our first clue. Running around naked was yet another detail about him that tipped us off. His superhuman strength added another reason to fear. Oh, and by the way, “cutting” isn’t just a 21st century phenomenon . . . this guy was inflicting injury upon himself 2,000 years ago. And then there was the screaming. Continuously, this man cried out with a voice that had an unearthly origin. That was the man who “welcomed” Jesus as He got out of the boat on the east side of the Sea of Galilee. Scary, isn’t it!?

And that same man asked to get in the boat with Jesus as He departed . . . well, not exactly. He was different. The screaming had stopped. He had clothes on. Rather than running around wildly, he had actually sat down calmly. This man who was crazy now seemed to be in his right mind. What happened in that few minute span was nothing short of a miracle. Jesus had transformed him.

But while the man asked to accompany Jesus, the Lord gave him different instructions:  “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you” (v. 19). He did just that . . . and people were amazed.

The instruction Jesus gave this man is a good reminder to us as we embrace opportunities to share Jesus with others. What do you say as you invite someone to meet Jesus or to just join you at Grace? Start where Jesus asked this man to start. Tell someone about the things the Lord has done for you. Tell him/her how God has used Grace in your life. As you engage others in conversation, can you sensitively communicate some of the blessing you have experienced from the Lord?


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