February 12: Grace at Work

Read Ephesians 6:5-9

Many people spend a huge segment of their lives on the job. It is there, then, that we have one of our largest platforms for touching others for eternity’s sake. Keep in mind, though, that these are likely the people who, next to our families, know us best. Not only do they see us when we are on the mountaintops of life but also when we are in the middle of valley experiences. Beyond that, they witness firsthand our approach to our work and to fellow employees. What they see in our lives may endear them to the gospel, or perhaps distance them from it. As you invite your co-workers to join you at Grace and as you share the truth of Jesus Christ with them, can you say that your work life is consistent with the invitation?

Admittedly the biblical text you read today may seem somehow remote from clear references to employment. Instead, Paul spoke to the first-century reality of slaves and owners. Nevertheless, the closest twenty-first century parallel is found when we are on the job. So, here we find principles for employees and bosses. Let’s take a closer look.

Employees should do their work as unto Christ. You see there is no facet of life, including your work that does not fit under the lordship of Jesus. Whether your boss is watching and appreciative or not, do your work with excellence and the Lord will reward you.

Bosses should also lead sensitively without the use of threats. If you oversee others on the job, exercise the same kind of impartial grace that you hope to receive from the Lord one day in the future.

By incorporating these kinds of employment principles and practices into your life, you can make your witness for Christ even more attractive.


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