February 15: Your Life Is Like a Business Card

Read James 1:19-27

A true relationship with God requires more than a business card. It requires genuine, personal, repentant faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, His burial, and resurrection. The outworkings of that kind of faith become a calling card of their own. James points out that your genuine faith will reflect transformation in . . .

1.                  What you say. (v. 26) Those with real deal faith will bridle their tongues. Rather than giving free rein to the words that flow from your mouth, instead of responding impulsively, emotionally, or lewdly to others, you are to be self-controlled in what you verbalize. Of course, the mouth speaks from what fills the heart. (See Matt. 12:34.) It requires then, that you not only be concerned about what comes out of your mouth but also about what you allow to enter your mind and heart.

2.                  How you relate to the least. (v. 27a) Those without spouses or parents are not usually the ones attracting the attention of others. They are ones who are not typically able to reciprocate the generosity of others. But the selfless love of giving yourself on behalf of widows and orphans is a mark of true faith transformation.

3.                  How you interact with the world. (v. 27b) There is no doubt that this world is your temporary home. Here, you must live, eat, work, and relate to your surroundings. God has also called you to be His representative in this world. But amidst the eating, working, representing, and living, your life is to be uniquely different from the thought patterns and personal practices of those without Christ.

Today, as you look for opportunities to reach out to people and share the truth of Jesus with them or invite them to Grace, keep in mind that your life is like a business card. Is it consistent with the desires of the one you represent?


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