February 18: The Essence of the Gospel

Read Acts 16:16-40

If you’ve been at Grace Church for long, you’ve probably noticed our Sunday morning commitment. We recognize that every Sunday there are people in our worship services for the first time. There are people there that don’t know much about the Bible or God’s plan of salvation. Our commitment is to give a clear explanation of the gospel. No matter what topic or biblical text we are dealing with, we make sure that we answer the question of the Philippian jailer, “. . . what must I do to be saved?” (v. 40).

That isn’t all we do, of course. Pastor Nick and others who speak also provide spiritual meat and practical teaching for believers.

It is the assurance of that commitment to make the gospel clear that allows me to confidently invite others to join us in our worship services.

But the worship service isn’t the only place where the gospel is passed along. Pastor Nick isn’t the only person who should explain it. Every one of us must be able to do the work of an evangelist. Each of us must be able to tell others what they must do to be saved. All of God’s people should be capable of clearly explaining the essence of the gospel. Can you? How would you answer the jailer’s question? I trust that these basic truths would be part of what you would share.

1.      The reality and consequences of our sin. God is perfect and people are not. As a result of our sin, we are deserving of eternal punishment.

2.      God’s provision for our sin through Christ. Jesus came as the God-man into this world. Through His death, burial, and resurrection, God made forgiveness and eternal life possible.

3.      Our response to Christ through repentant faith. We cannot earn God’s forgiveness. It is given as a gift as we admit our sin to God and embrace Christ’s work on the cross as our only hope.  We are transformed as we, by faith, embrace God’s way instead of our own.

As you look for opportunities to share Jesus today, ask God to grant you opportunity to explain the essence of the gospel.


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