February 19: Reaching Around the World

Read Acts 10:1-48

Before the day is over I will have spoken to people from California, Indiana, and South Carolina. I will engage in conversation with people from Africa, France, Canada, Germany, and Poland. I am not unique. No matter where you are in the world, you are part of an international community. Even the rolling rural hillsides of Wooster and Wayne County reflect that international flair.

Among all of those people groups, are there any around which you make a wide berth? There was for Peter. His whole background had taught him that every non-Jew was a person to be avoided.

But God graphically and practically taught him a simple lesson that all of us would do well to learn . . . even those of us who may for various reasons avoid certain people groups out of ignorance or personal discomfort. The lesson is simply expressed in these words, “God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation.” Of course, that reality is also made clear in the Great Commission where we are commanded to “make disciples of all nations.”

In many ways, the nations have come to us. They are employed in some of our local businesses. You will see them in our schools and colleges. You can encounter them in the stores where you shop and the restaurants where you eat. Rather than fearing them or avoiding them, ask God for wisdom to engage them in conversation.

  • Welcome them to America
  • Invite them to Grace
  • Inform yourself and them about Grace’s ministry to Internationals

Seek to reflect God’s heart by not playing favorites!


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