February 23: The When and Where That Lead to Who

Read Acts 17:16-33

It defies logic when we consider that we have the comforts that go along with life in 2018 here in America. Change either one of those “when” or “where” variables and your life might be more difficult and much different. What if you had been born in 1803 when Ohio became a state? What if, instead of America, you lived in the Central African Republic? There is no logic to the chronology and geography of your life. They are the result of God’s sovereign choice.

Still, although His choice is sovereign, it is not arbitrary. Here is how Paul put it as he spoke to those in Athens:

“. . . He marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him . . .”

It is true that God determined for every man and woman in every nation the “when” (times in history) and the “where” (boundaries of their lands) of their existence. At this point in human history, God determined that you would live in America, and that Malcolm would live in the United Kingdom, and that Thomas would live in Germany. But rather than being arbitrary choices, He did this intentionally so that every person in every geographic location at every point in time might come to Him.

Put another way, God has determined everyone’s “when” and “where” in order to lead them to Him as the “who.”

Do you realize what that means? You will have no chance encounters today. God is very much in pursuit of the person to whom you will extend an invitation into a spiritual conversation. He is orchestrating their “whens” and “wheres”, the chronology and geography of their life, in order to bring them to His Son. You can do this with confidence because God shares your desire that they find Christ.


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