February 27: Do You Know My Jesus?

Read John 1:1-18

The journey to the empty tomb is a journey made first by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He walked it first so you and I could make that same journey today. Perfect sacrifice, God made Himself known through Jesus Christ. Do you know Him?

Do You Know My Jesus? A Christian poem by:  Joan Curtin — March 30, 2002 (rev. March 17, 2008)

Do you know my Jesus?
Have you seen Him ride
Seated on a donkey’s colt,
Through the countryside?

People came to greet Him,
They waved their branches high
They sang praises to the King of Kings,
Who was about to die.

Do you know my Jesus?
Have you seen Him pray?
In the garden on His knees,
He had but one more day.

For us He bowed His head,
For us the drops did flow.
His sweat came forth as blood
His pain we can not know.

Do you know my Jesus?
They put Him on a cross
I could not bear to see Him there,
To feel such pain and loss.

The clouds began to darken
The day was turned to night.
His face was hidden from us.
He fought with all His might

Do you know my Jesus?
They placed Him in a tomb
I did not know if I could live.
My world was filled with gloom.

But what is this? Oh can it be!
He has risen from the dead!
The tomb could not contain Him.
We have victory instead!

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!
My Savior lives today!
He has crossed the great divide
He has made a way!

With His blood He paid the price
Our sins have been forgiven!
And by His grace we will spend
Eternity in Heaven!

Do you know my Jesus?
Have you heard His call?
Do you walk beside Him?
Have you given Him your all?

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