February 28: Jesus’ Suffering Eyes

Read Hebrews 2:5-18

The journey to the empty tomb passes through unthinkable agony. Imagine Jesus’ eyes. What did He think as He watched the hands of His torturers pick up the thorns and craft them into a mockery-laden crown? Did He ponder the truth that He Himself had made those very hands that twisted the thorns into place? What must He have felt as He saw them gather the nails and the hammer that would lock Him into place so He could hang from that cross?

The Cloth of Veronica / Duerer
Duerer, Albrecht
– ‘The Cloth of Veronica’. –

Still, Jesus knew His purpose. He fulfilled His mission of love. He turned to the Father, forsaken and alone. The God who suffered so we could live.

Jesus Christ by Anna Sulikowska



Sources: The Cloth of Veronica pencil drawing by Duerer, Albrecht; Jesus Christ pencil drawing by Anna Sulikowska



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