March 13: Beautiful Offering

Read Matthew 26:6-11

Jesus’ journey to the empty tomb stopped at the house of a man named Simon where a woman named Mary wholly offered the most extravagant sacrifice she could possibly summon. She put aside shame and risked great embarrassment to lavish upon Jesus the best of the best.

What would your best have been? Would you be willing to offer it to Jesus and unashamedly present Him with such extravagance? Are you willing, like Mary was, to put Jesus first despite what others think, even when it may not make sense?

Beautiful Thing a poem by Sacha Kauffman

Perfume poured
from her hands down;
She caught her breath,
steadied her heart’s pound.

A prized possession—
yet a mere earthly thing;
Hardly an offering
for Jesus the King.

So she broke the jar
and let it go.
A year’s wages
so quickly flowed.

Some scoffed, some stared
with judgmental words they tore,
“It could have been sold and used for the poor.”


Photo by Karthikeyan K on Unsplash

But her extravagant gift
was for Jesus alone.
She saw Him as King
though He had no throne.

Jesus silenced the mockers,
for they had failed to see,
“You’ll always have the poor,
but you won’t always have me.”

Unto Jesus she gave her best,
her all.
The alabaster truly
unworthy and small.

The greater gift—her “beautiful thing—”
was that she gave her everything.
She bowed her spirit and humbled her heart
to lavish Jesus and set Him apart.




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