March 14: When Jesus Wept

Read Luke 19:41-44

His journey had led Him into Jerusalem where He would walk the road of suffering, die a criminal’s death. When Jesus got to Jerusalem this time, as His time of suffering drew near, He looked upon the place He Himself had created, the people lost and broken and desperately in need of a Savior.

And He wept.

He wept for the brokenness and the blindness and the ever-hardened hearts that would never see Him but for their stubborn pride that wouldn’t admit what they needed.

He knew He was all they needed. He would soon suffer on their behalf and they would still refuse to see.

And it made Him weep.

That’s how much He loved them. How badly He wanted them to know and see and let Him heal their broken souls and bring light to the darkness they didn’t know they were living inside. He wanted to free them, if only they would let Him.

He wants to free you too. He wants you live in the light of His saving, merciful, almighty grace that breaks chains of sin and death and dark living. Will you let Him?

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