March 15: Journey Through the Upper Room

Read Matthew 26:20-26

The journey to the empty tomb led into an upper room where Jesus would dine with His 12 disciples. They would eat together for the last time before His torturous crucifixion and then on to the tomb that would three days later sit empty.

Have you ever wondered what this critical moment in the upper room must have looked like? Unfortunately, Peter and the other disciples did not capture it with cell-phone selfies and post the results to social media. Artists throughout history have, however, tried to capture moments like these. Undoubtedly, the most famous of these is Leonaro da Vinci’s rendering of the Last Supper in monastery refectory in Milan, Italy.

Although the actual seating arrangement was likely different than that depicted by the famous artist, da Vinci does a good job of capturing some of the potential responses to the idea that one of His own would betray Him.

Read more about this painting by going to:

Watch a brief video about this painting.

Or here is lengthier explanation: The Last Supper  (


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