April 2: Living in Light of the Empty Tomb

Read Hebrews 2:5-18

Jesus defeated death. He conquered sin and paid the debt we owed for it. He journeyed through torture and death – on a cross – so that you and I could know life in light of the empty tomb.

Scripture doesn’t tell us what it was like the moment Jesus walked away from that death container. The absence of such details leaves room for imagining.

Did the stone make a loud noise when it rolled away from the opening? Did Jesus walk out or did He run? Was He singing? Whistling? Was He trimming trees or maybe smelling roses when the women arrived and thought He was the gardener?

One artist pictured it like this . . .


Here’s how Jesus-net describes this piece: “This drawing captures the earthiness of earth. The dark opening of the tomb/sepulchre seems about to crumble away, and one can almost smell the dank odour coming out its gaping mouth. The angel, defying gravity, hovers above the teetering stone that has, despite its size, been rolled quite a distance from the opening. At first sight there seems no sign of Christ, but closer examination shows him hovering above the angel, weightless in his resurrected body. The women, newly arrived on the scene, look up towards the angel, while the soldiers wake from their sleep and gather their wits as best they can. The drawing is full of human activity – there is a certain confused busyness about the foreground scene that sums up what it means to be alive and human.”

Don’t you love the thought that even the horrible stench of death itself had been overcome by the one True God who died so He could live? The God who died so we could live. The dark opening of a dead man’s resting place became the door through which the Lord of life emerged victorious over all the sin, all the stench, all the sorrow.

Yes, today and tomorrow and every day since Jesus’ journey to the empty tomb all who believe and call Him Lord can live in light of the empty tomb. Will you be one of them?





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