April 7: Resurrection Living

Read Matthew 28

Today our six-week journey to the empty tomb comes to an end. We’ve seen the journey Jesus chose to take, clothing Himself in flesh and becoming human like you and me. Today we come to the end of our journey and we find that it’s no end at all.

In fact, if we let it, the empty tomb can change everything about forever. The fact that Jesus entered a grave as a dead man and stepped out alive means you and I can know real and eternal life. We can know Resurrection Living because He left that grave empty. Death has no more power.

Because the tomb is empty, you and I can live with purpose. We can know Jesus personally, follow His way and experience joy in the middle of this sometimes really difficult living.

But there is a choice to be made. Will you live differently because of the tomb that Jesus left empty or will you squander the power He wants to give you? The same power that raised Him from death and walked Him out of that grave.

Will you let Him lead your life? Will you let Him be your Lord?

Will you let Him use you to lead others through this journey? Will you introduce someone else to this journey to the empty tomb? Will you tell them the truth that Jesus Christ journeyed through death and on to the empty tomb because of the love He has for you and me and every one of them?

That’s why He left the tomb empty. It’s why we took six weeks to walk this journey together.

It’s time to choose. What will it be? Will the empty tomb change the way you live?


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