April 19 – Following by Imitation

Read Philippians 2:1-11

When I was little there was many an afternoon that I would spend out in our front yard with a baseball bat swinging at air. In my mind I was my favorite baseball player hitting a walk off home run. It was almost like I could hear the roar of the crowd as I connected on the towering shot. I would even practice how I would run the bases after the clutch home run. If my brother joined in on the fun, we would toss these squishy baseballs to each other and take turns crushing them across our street and well over our neighbor’s house. No later after we made contact, we would run back in the house in case our neighbor discovered the balls that were dropping in their back yard.

Much of my childhood was spent imitating baseball players. I wanted to be them. When I discovered that the baseball gene of the family skipped over me and went to my brother, I would live out my baseball dreams vicariously through my imagination and video games.

We have been talking about following Christ over the past several days. Do you want to follow God or are you expecting Him to follow you? The Bible describes many different ways that we can and should follow Him. One of those is through imitation. Philippians 2 describes our need to imitate Christ in one specific way, humility.

Paul encourages the believers in Philippi to have a humble attitude which they saw in Jesus. He, being God, chose to set aside the right to exercise the full rights of His deity, take on the form of His creation, and live a human life knowing full well what awaited Him. He knew that He would be fiercely opposed the entire journey and handed over to the very people to whom He had preached, to be crucified.

Try to wrap your mind around this kind of humility. Jesus literally became nothing for us. We didn’t and still don’t deserve the grace that he showed us. However, He did it so that we could spend eternity with Him.

As you think of your life, who are you imitating? Are you exemplifying imitating Christ to people? In what ways can you show people how much Jesus means to you and how tremendous a walk with Him is?




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