April 24 – Prayer

Read John 15:7

I was recently in San Diego for a week-long vacation. There were lots of beaches and parks, as well as great restaurants but one of my biggest takeaways was… church! When you’re on vacation, do you get to church? You should! You’ll learn a lot!

I googled a local church and showed up and I was blown away! The pastor said the day’s topic was on “prayer.” I could feel skepticism rising in my mind – I’d heard a lot of messages on prayer and my prayer life still struggles to this day. What could I possibly learn that would help catapult me forward to a vibrant habit of prayer? I had resigned myself too often to a grit-your-teeth-and-get-er-done approach.

Here’s what the pastor told me:

Prayer is a conversation where we:

  1. DECLARE to our doubts what the Bible says is true

Sometimes, my doubts tell me I’m not enough; that I’m a slave to my temptations and brokenness. But the Bible says otherwise, so I tell that to my doubts:

“JESUS, in all I’m going through, I am more than a conqueror through you who has loved me!”

I challenge you to pray this prayer sometime!

  1. LISTEN for God’s voice.

Prayer is not a speech but a two-way dialogue. At times, I should shut-up and honor God with some attention. Sometimes He’s quiet and other times His voice comes through a Bible verse that I’m suddenly reminded of that speaks to my life at the moment.

[Tip: Want to know how to pick out God’s voice amidst the lies we also tend to hear in our heart and head? God’s voice will never contradict His Word!]

  1. ASK for God’s help.

It’s always best to wait ‘til you’ve declared and listened. Your heart is aligned. You’re asking from the right perspective. Check out our key verse today. Jesus said:

“If you abide in me (listening) and my words abide in you (declaring) ask whatever you wish (now that your perspective is right) and it will be done for you.”

God loves when we ask for His help. He cares about His children and you’re his child if you’ve believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask away!

If you struggle with keeping a vibrant prayer life, keep it simple and stay at it. God wants to meet with you!



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