May 3 – Disciplining our minds

Read Colossians 3: 1-4, Romans 12: 1-3

“Set your minds on things above…” WOW, that sounds so easy. Set your mind on Jesus. Put your focus and thoughts on Him. But wait a minute…we add busyness, sickness, family, work, bills, temptation, social media, TV and more and suddenly our minds are completely cluttered…cluttered up with so many things.

How do we find victory and clarity in our lives? How do we keep our focus?

As I’m writing this it has been “one of those mornings.” You most likely can relate. It’s days like these where we have to work so unbelievably hard to get our minds in the right place and keep it there. On days like this, we do not even feel like focusing our minds.

So what do you do in times where you are having “one of those days?” How do you keep your mind focused? Here are some thoughts:

The Foundation: Set your mind on Jesus (Colossians 3: 1-4)

Maybe your mind is wandering right now as you read! Wondering to the next thing you have to do or something that has been bothering you. STOP right now and PRAY for God to set your mind on Him and to teach you through His Word as you keep reading.

The Work: Renew your Mind (Romans 12: 1-2a)

This is true WORK! This isn’t about a one time “Jesus help me to focus on you” prayer (although that is important to pray!); this is a consistently turning over of your thoughts to Jesus. It can be in confession when you allow your mind to wonder in temptation. It IS in memorizing scripture to battle through the day or listening to music that directs you to Jesus. This renewing of our minds needs to be every day, every hour and at times, every minute! Saying “NO” to the distractions and taking the time you need to get yourself focused on Jesus and your mind renewed.

The Results: Victory and Clarity (Romans 12: 2b)

We can have victory over sin when we have built patterns in our lives of renewing our minds. Then we will have disciplined ourselves to battle temptation with God’s truth. We will know His truth in the middle of the struggle because we have put in the work beforehand.

Good for you! Good for you for disciplining yourself to read this devotional today. I challenge you to read the Bible every day and work on renewing your mind. Make it a habit to memorize parts of the Bible. Let’s start with Colossians 3: 1-2. That each of us would set our minds on Jesus, the foundation, so we can renew our minds and have victory and clarity in our lives!


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