May 9: Ichabod!

Read 1 Samuel 4:1-22


It was a tragic day in Jewish history! Thirty thousand Israelite soldiers fell in battle. Three spiritual leaders and a wife from the same family died. Still, as sad as that was, even more heartbreaking was the loss of the Ark of the Covenant. It had been taken.

God had given clear instructions about the Ark’s construction in Exodus 25. Inside, the people of God had placed important articles (a sample of manna, the tablets of the 10 commandments, and Aaron’s budding rod), reminders of special encounters with God. As God’s people moved during the Exodus, this special box was carried on poles. No one was to touch it directly. When God’s people came to a stop, the Ark was placed into the tabernacle of God . . . in its innermost part, the Most Holy Place. It was here that a special sacrifice for sin was made and here that the presence of God was manifested in a unique way. The Ark of the Covenant was a critical part of Jewish life.

As the people of God found themselves losing to the Philistines in battle, they came up with they considered a great idea. “Let’s carry the Ark of the Covenant into battle with us! After all, it represents the power and presence of God. There is no way the enemy can defeat us if we have this good luck charm!” It may have seemed like a great idea, but, in fact, they had never sought God about the reason for their defeat or their next strategy for battle.

Indeed, even the Philistines shook in their shoes when they realized the Israelites had brought the Ark of God to the battlefield. But, at the end of the day, not only were the Philistines victorious, but they were also the possessors of the treasured Ark.

Ichabod! It means, “the glory has departed from Israel!” This was a tragic day, because it was the day when the glory departed from Israel.

Ichabod compromises are only a step away from any of us. A foolish decision made without consulting the Lord can lead us to tragic outcomes where we have abandoned our God. Instead of revealing and basking in His glory, we can find ourselves wallowing in the ashes of abandonment.

Guard yourself from your own Ichabod!


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