May 27: Trees by the Water, Souls Near the Father

Read Psalm 1

We took a hike for my birthday a few years ago. Somehow all day in nature refreshes my spirit like no other earthly thing can. We hiked a trail next to a river a few miles south of our home.

The current was strong that day, so the river’s ripples carried a nice sound that helped us find the rhythm our souls had been craving since all the busy and crazy of life had crept in and somehow stolen our joie-de-vivre, our joy of life.

As we walked, I noticed some of the trees at the water’s edge. Even though it was only just springtime and many of their leaves had yet to come, I had no doubt they would soon blossom and flourish throughout all of summer. I knew they would “yield their fruit” when the time was right because they were constantly nourished. Those trees had everything they needed because of where they were planted.

I want to be like those trees. Don’t you? Constantly nourished with what will give us life. Continuously fortified by the surrounding sustenance we need for real joy and for fruit-production.

The ancient hymnbook we call the Book of Psalms starts with the promise that we can be just like those trees! There is a way to be blessed in a very real and true way!

Where we look for our delight and fulfillment is key. The things we ponder and let fill our minds, will point us either to the real and true joy God wants for us or they will pull us away from it.

The name of the book means “Praises”. It’s a hymnal from the days when ancient Israel worshiped God in a tabernacle. And, despite it’s ancient status, it can draw us near to the heart of God as we purpose to praise Him, seek to know Him in a deeper way than we know Him right now, delight in His way, meditate on His Word.

As we worship our Creator, the only source of life, may we draw near to Him in new ways and find delight in His purpose like never before!


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