May 29: God’s Past Faithfulness, Our Confidence

Read Psalm 77:1-20

The first half of today’s psalm caught me by surprise. I am not sure that I would have expected to read candid words like those in the Bible. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked. After all, I have had similar thoughts, and I am guessing you have as well.

We have all found ourselves in times of distress. We have all had sleepless or fitful nights. We have all expressed those internal groanings of despair. And, it’s very possible, that we have asked the natural questions that Asaph penned in verses 7-9:

  • Have you rejected me?
  • Will I ever again be in your favor?
  • What about your unending love?
  • Did you default on your promises?
  • Have you forgotten mercy?
  • Why does it seem your anger has trumped your compassion?

Those are realities that most of us face and questions we sometimes ask.

So, what is it that pulls us out of our despair? How can find assurance of the biblical answers to our faithless questions? For Asaph, the turning point was a review of God’s faithfulness in the past. He reminded himself of God’s miraculous and powerful intervention in redeeming His people. He reviewed the way that God delivered his people when they were hemmed in by the Red Sea on one side and the Egyptian army on the other. He opened up a path for them through the sea, and led them to safety.

Then comes an interesting statement from verse 18: “. . . though your footprints were not seen.” God didn’t show up in person. He didn’t leave behind a calling card. But there was no question that He had been responsible for the deliverance.

In the midst of your own desperate times, what biblical stories do you need to go to in order to remind yourself of God’s faithfulness? What personal stories of God’s past deliverance in your own life do you need to call to mind again? Even though God may not have shown up in a theophany or left behind a postcard claiming credit, remember what He has done in your past and let that give you confidence for the future.


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