May 30: Listening for God

Read Psalm 29:1-11

As a high school senior, I felt God calling me to college in another state. I knew from the first week on campus I had made the right decision. I made friends from across the world, engaged in challenging leadership initiatives, and got plugged in to a church that loved and served Jesus Christ.

When I came home for winter break that year, something inside me seemed to nudge me, though, and say, “Taylor, I need you in Ohio.” I was so confused. Was God asking me to go home after just one year away?

I pleaded with the Lord to show me His will and direct my path.” But I didn’t feel like I got an answer. I began to wonder if God was ever going to answer me. Does He still speak to us?

I ended up making one of the toughest decisions of my life. I left a school I loved, to pursue what I believed to be God’s calling. It wasn’t until after I chose to trust Him and follow His plan, that He did speak to me. He showed me a glimpse of the plan He had for me.

Can’t we all relate to this in some way? We want God to speak to us. We want Him to make a decision for us. We want Him to tell us why.

But God doesn’t fit in the boxes we try to put Him into. He isn’t some genie in a bottle that is going to pop out an answer or give us a gift.

David’s description in Psalm 29 exemplifies the power and might of God’s voice. His voice is powerful, yet majestic (v. 4). His voice makes mountains move (v.6) and the wilderness tremble (v.8). His voice is great and mighty, and He still speaks into our hearts and our lives. His voice IS still present!

The question shouldn’t be “does God still speak?” It should rather be “what are you doing to listen?” Are you praying? Are you meditating on His Word? Are you seeking wise counsel? Are you trusting Him?


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