June 2: What Creation Declares

Read Psalm 19

Years ago, I was in the home of friends in France. It was an old home, which they were renovating. Did I say “old?” That’s an understatement. You see, their home had been originally built in the 9th century! As I walked through the rooms, I found myself thinking, “If only these walls could speak!” I knew that the inanimate stones would tell rich stories of people over long centuries.

As we look at this “Hymn of Praise” from David’s repertoire, we discover two specific but inanimate means through which the story, glory, and will of God are spoken yet today!

First, creation itself . . . specifically the sky and heavens . . . speaks clearly and extensively. Though you will not hear them utter a word, their speech is clear. As His workmanship, they point to their Creator and His glory. Not just on days when the sky is blue and the sun is warm, but “day after day” the sky is proclaiming that message. Not just when the sunset is inspiring and when the sky is full of stars, but “night after night” they make a statement about the glory of their Maker. The language spoken by creation is universal. It is spoken everywhere with a clear voice that is designed to cause the listener/observer to stand in awe of its divine Architect! Take time today to listen to that voice and appreciate the message of God’s glory.

The second voice proclaiming the story, glory, and will of the Lord is the written Word of God. The rhythmic pattern of verses 7-9 reminds us that it revives the soul, makes wise the simple, gives joy to the heart, gives light to the eyes, and endures forever.

As David pondered these two ways in which the God of the universe has spoken of His story, glory, and will (through creation and the Scriptures), he closed with this prayer worthy of our sincere utterance:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”


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