June 4: God’s Enduring Love

Read Psalm 107:1-40

His love endures forever! Amen! What a refreshing reminder in the very first verse of this Psalm. These four words may seem like cliché verbiage used by pastors to encourage their congregation, yet that couldn’t be any less true. In the light of His divine perfection, attributes, and will, these words portray an elaborate picture of God’s goodness of which we see throughout the rest of the psalm.

God’s goodness has provided for humanity since it’s creation. But for the English Puritans, seeking religious freedom in a new land, the reality of His goodness became well known. On their maiden voyage crossing the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower, the English Puritans (aka pilgrims) relied on this very Psalm as a means of encouragement, and a constant reminder — even through the valley God’s love is unfailing (vv.1,8,15,21,31)! That is why, after this grueling journey was complete and the settlers made landfall on Plymouth Rock, Governor William Bradford, the leader of the group, referred to Psalm 107, and almost quoted it verbatim as the reason for their success.

After studying this psalm, it only makes sense to me why, for centuries, people have turned to these words for hope in times of desperation. The psalmist gives us an array of imagery, lavishing us in the goodness of our God!

The Israelites, who were hungry and thirsty as they wandered through the desert, after crying out to God, were provided for (vv.4-9). Prisoners, who, were depressed, in deep gloom, and in the bondage of slavery, sought out the Lord in desperation, and they were rescued (vv. 10-14). Even people in Israel, who had rebelled against the Lord and loathed His will, while they were dying, God rescued them from their deathbed. Our God is good and his love is unfailing!

What storms are you going through right now? What voyage have you embarked on that maybe you need a reminder of God’s goodness? Don’t buy into the lie that God has stopped loving you! Don’t let the enemy convince you of the foolish notion that you are beyond the love of our God. No powers of people, no power of this world, no power of hell can separate you from His love for you (Romans 8:38-39)!

His love endures forever,




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