June 5: Praise Him

Read Psalm 98

It had been a difficult semester at school. My heart had been broken and my spirit was crushed. The middle of my senior year in college proved to be a defining one in which God let my brokenness take me down so He could build me up into the woman He’d created me to be.

But brokenness is hard to survive. It’s hard to watch someone else live it, too. It’s difficult to see a loved one stammer through each day and grasp for joy but find none. So when my dear friend approached me with the idea of worship, I knew it came with sincerity and a desire to help me out of the pit.

I’d just woken up from a nap when she entered my room and gently offered her thoughts. “You need to praise God anyway,” she said. “Even when you’re broken, find something to thank Him for. Then thank Him.” Worshiping God is really the only way to thrive, even in brokenness.

Almighty God is worth worship. Perfect Sovereign Lord is always worthy of praise.

That’s the theme of our psalm today. Worship God. He is worth all of our praise. He’s worth the worship of all of Creation. The earth cries out to Him in praise because God the Lord is worthy of it all. He is worth all the praise you and I can muster plus all the praise of the whole earth.

And how can we not erupt in praise for the joy? How can we not praise Almighty God when we realize the righteousness He bathed us in despite our shortcomings? How can we not shout joyfully to the One who dealt with those shortcomings in a way that brings you and me life forever?

We can worship Him with music. We can honor Him with our talents and our money and our time.

All of Creation worships Him, too. The rivers clap their hands. The mountains sing in joy. The thunder claps and brings God glory.

Even in the brokenness, He let you and me in on salvation. God the LORD revealed His mercy and grace. He made a way for you and me to know Him.

So join the earth’s worship song and praise Him.


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