June 23: The god of Me

Read Jeremiah 2:11-13

This week, we are digging a little deeper into the commandment that God gave saying, “You shall have no other gods before me.” One of the most common “gods” that get in the way of our worship to God is actually ourselves.

How often have you been tempted, or even given into the temptation, to worship yourself rather than God? One time, when I was working at Chipotle, I was talking to a co-worker about religion. Somewhere in the conversation he said, “I am my own god”. This caught me off guard. To that point in my life, I never would have guessed that people would consider themselves to be their own god.

Have you ever been here? Maybe you entertain the thought that the earthly accomplishments you have experienced came from your own hand. In worshiping yourself, you decide that you can somehow come up with a better life than the Creator of all could design. No matter to what extent we allow ourselves to give in, we all have, at one point, thought a little too much of ourselves.

Have you ever thought about how God feels when we worship something or someone other than Him? Jeremiah paints a graphic picture of idolatry from the perspective of God. Don’t think that God turns away when one of His children worships something or someone rather than Him. It is one of the most heartbreaking things for God to watch.

When reading through Jeremiah 2, you can almost feel the heartbreak as God watches idolatry take place. He even goes so far as to describe Heaven shuddering as idolatry takes place. Can you imagine the look on His face?

Does this give you a better perspective for the next time you are tempted to worship the god of me? While it may appear the most logical, the god of me never satisfies. Jesus says in the gospel of John that people who partake of God will never want again.

How often do you find yourself worshiping the god of me? What can you do, in those moments, to redirect your attention upward?

When we are tempted to worship ourselves and our own power rather than God’s, may we remember this scene from Heaven. Can you imagine Heaven shuddering as everyone looks in on idolatry taking place? Can you imagine the heartbreak?

Not on our watch!


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