June 24: The name of God is Holy

Read Psalm 111:7-9

One of my favorite worship songs is Agnus Dei. The chorus of the song cries, “Holy, Holy, are you Lord God almighty! Worthy is the lamb!” This week as we examine the names of God, we must first understand, as the song suggests, the name of God is holy.

Have you ever thought about what the word ‘holy’ means? The Psalmist in today’s reading gives us a great context clue when he writes, “Holy and awesome is his name.” While ‘awesome’ has become such an overused word in todays world, the meaning is rooted in the feeling of awe. In other words, it is the ability for someone, or something to move you to a point of absolute, and stunning awe. It is no wonder the Psalmist was in awe of God, because God’s holiness. Holy implies a sense of completeness, fullness, and perfection. To be holy, as the dictionary would define, means to be worthy of complete and utter devotion.

Notice how the author of these words chooses to describe the Lord. He did not just describe God as holy; he described His name as holy. Maybe it is just me, but my head hurts trying to even understand this. Our God is so perfect, even His name is complete, whole, and worthy of our complete devotion! When Moses encountered the Lord in Exodus, he was instructed that he could not see the face of the Lord, for no one can because He is perfect. He couldn’t even look at Him.

We don’t even deserve to look at our perfect God, let alone utter His name. The name of Lord, our God and savior is Holy. He is perfect, whole and complete. Yet, this perfect God wants a relationship with you and I. What a thought, right? When was the last time you thought about the perfection of our God? Sometimes it is so easy in our culture, or in our daily routines to forget about, and even take a relaxed approach to, our relationship with our Lord. Maybe I should ask, when was the last time you sat in awe of our God?

Spend some time today basking in awe of the holiness of our God. Pray for the Lord to continue to reveal His majesty to you.


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Pastoral Intern, Grace Church
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