June 27: Jehovah Jireh

Read Genesis 22

“So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”

NIV translators have capitalized “Will” – The Lord Will Provide. Your passage heading may be all caps – “The Lord WILL Provide”. In the world of cell phones and texting, all caps is generally interpreted as yelling. Were the writer of Genesis texting us this amazing story, I have no doubt they would be proclaiming it loudly from the top of their lungs – “The Lord WILL Provide”. We might add italics, a larger different color font, bold, underline, exclamation points – “The Lord WILL Provide!!” Truly, it is impossible to adequately convey the absolute certainty our Almighty God wants to communicate His provision for each of us. Hence, He made it one of His Names. Jehovah – God Almighty; Jireh – WILL Provide

On the mountain of the Lord “it” WILL be provided. “it” Such a tiny word. Two little letters in our American English language encompass so much. Just exactly what is “it” that God WILL provide? For Abraham “it” was the ram that would take the place of his son, Isaac, for the sacrifice God had commanded. God will most likely never ask me to sacrifice someone I love on an altar. Daily, though, He does ask me to surrender what I hold dear – people, things, time. I’d love to control people by preventing them from making poor choices that lead to pain. At times, I want to hold on tightly to things that, when given away, would bless others. Selfishly, I can also be tempted to use my time to benefit only me and not those I could be encouraging.

When I do follow in obedience, Jehovah Jireh provides the “it” He has promised. Not just any “it”. That provision is for His Glory, accomplishing what He has intended in keeping with His perfect plan for the world. Not according to self-centered desires. Not even for seemingly good things I might want desperately.

As you survey the landscape of your day, what might Jehovah Jireh be calling you to relinquish to Him? In doing so, remember that He WILL provide everything needed in exactly the perfect timing necessary to accomplish what He desires to do in and through you!

Wade Karhan

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