June 28: God the Father

Read Luke 15:11-31

This week we are digging deeper into the names of God and He is often referred to as “Abba” or the Father. My heart always smiles at this, because there is such intimacy related in this role, and the relationship that flows from it.

I don’t know if it is because I love stories or interpersonal communication; but learning more about people is something that I love to do. I often gravitate to watching interviews with celebrities regarding their faith, when online. Yet, by enlarge, these are celebrities who claim to believe in God and refer to Him or their faith is either, “Religion” or “being Religious” but never about a relationship.

What better example of God, as our Father than shown in Luke 15:11-31. Here is a man with two sons, one who is obedient and one who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world other than following after his own wants. How many of us can relate with one or the other?

The one who went away and “squandered his wealth in wild living”, after some hard times, remembers the character of his father and returns home. What do we see, but a father with arms wide open welcoming his son home. He doesn’t shame him or say “What have you done?”; He looks at him with compassion and instantly shows his forgiveness and love through reestablishing his place in the family. Now on the other side of the farm, here is the well-behaved brother who grows angry and confronts his father and after the confrontation his father says “My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours!”.

No matter which son you may relate with, no matter what your faith journey may be, there is a father waiting for you with arms wide open, ready and willing, in love, to welcome you home to build a relationship with you. The intimacy of a father is one that is like no other.

When you think of a father, you think of a protector and a provider, of someone who guides and teaches and loves without any hesitation. This is God, our Father. He welcomes each of us into His thrown room on a daily basis and into a strong and powerful relationship with Him. He is someone, so powerful, so mighty guarding and loving you, and saying “Come Home, I’m here!”


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