July 16: Giver and Taker

Read 1 Samuel 2:6

As we are looking into the commandment of “Thall shall not murder”, I often think of the principle that Hannah points out of God being the giver and taker of life.

If you were to ask who my favorite person in the Bible is, I will almost always say Hannah. Her story begins when we open the book of 1 Samuel. What we know of her is that she is baron, loves the Lord (she goes to the temple as God requested of His people) and that she is sad she has yet to have children. Now, we do not know what she says to the Lord in order for Eli to think that she is intoxicated (Chapter one) But I like to think that she was pouring her heart out and being so inevitably raw. Then we find later that her story expands; the Lord gives her a son, Samuel. When Samuel was just a young boy, think three to five, she delivers Him to the service of the Lord, under Eli.

When we enter Chapter 2 of her story, she is not weeping that she has to hand her son over but remembering that God created life within her and begins proclaiming the truth, praise, character and power of the Lord. It’s here we see “The Lord kills and makes alive; He brings down to Sheol and raises up.” (NASB)

The Power of God transcends all understanding. His power to bring forth life and allow death is something that we can never fully grasp. As we look at the principle of “Thall shall not murder”, we must remember that the Lord has the final say. He never promised us the “why” in it all.

As some of you know, becoming a parent is a beautiful thing! Our son is our greatest gift and God chose and fashioned him to be ours. He had the decisive notion to give our Mattie to us. Yet, the Lord also allows for us to experience the loss of a loved one before, what we believe, is their time.

We may never understand why He values life and why He allows certain deaths but what we can hold onto is His character, power, and that ultimately, He is a good God, a loving father and a magnificent creator. Instead of asking ‘why’, are you willing to just simply trust Him?


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