July 24: God Wants You To Enjoy Sex

Read Proverbs 5:18-19

This week we are digging a little deeper into the commandment of do not commit adultery. An unsatisfied sexual desire is something that is taking over our world. People are sleeping around in the name of self pleasure. This problem is something that we as Christians are well aware of. We know that sex outside of the confines of marriage is something to avoid at all costs. However, it seems that more and more people are giving into the temptation. For some people, sex is something that we begin to think that God doesn’t want us to partake in because of the problem that is has caused in our world today. As we will discover today, sex is something that God wants us to enjoy…in the proper context.

1 Corinthians 7 outlines a sexual relationship in a marital relationship. We are all very familiar and knowledgeable of the emotional and spiritual consequences of breaking this rule. However, Proverbs 5:18-19 gives us some insight to the fact that God actually wants us to enjoy sex.

As you can see in Proverbs 5, sex is something that, if practiced in the right setting, is something that God wants us to enjoy. He created it to be something great that binds a husband and a wife together for life (Genesis 2:24).

If you find yourself in a situation where you think to yourself that God doesn’t want you to experience the “two becoming one”, consider the avenue that you are expressing that desire. If it is in the confines of marriage, I can wholeheartedly guarantee to you that God wants it because that’s why He created it! If you are expressing that desire outside of marriage, or with someone that isn’t your spouse, changes needs to be made. Forgiveness is extended to everyone, regardless of the offense. Reconcile yourself to the wronged parties and move on towards a brighter tomorrow.

God wants you to enjoy sex, not hide from it. If practiced within the confines of marriage, it is a beautiful thing. God isn’t against you, He’s for you. He wants you to experience His best!


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