August 3: Don’t Steal Your Gifting

Read Mark 14:1-10

Stewardship is an important part of our walk with the Lord. The Grace of God, in some fashion, has blessed each and every one of us with a gifting. We might not all be millionaires and have stores of money that we must steward, yet, the spirit of God has assigned each of us a role to play in the building of His church (1 Corinthians 12). No matter your gifting, the call to steward these gifts in a responsible fashion is a great one.

In Mark 14 Jesus encounters a woman who blesses Him with what little she has. The Pharisees are quick to rebuke her, accusing the woman of being a poor steward of her resources. Instead of trying to understand why she was making this offering, the religious leaders quickly made their own conclusion of “you wouldn’t be this poor if you sold your perfume instead of anointing Jesus with it.” They were quick to judge, without understanding the context of sacrifice.

The words Jesus offers in verse eight are powerful. “She did what she could.” How simple, yet how true. This woman was very poor. She had few earthly possessions, but what she did have, she was willing to lay on the line for Jesus Christ.

Living in the United States, it is so hard for us to understand what having nothing really means. By God’s grace, we are so blessed here. Don’t misunderstand me, poverty is very real for many in our nation; my intent is not to downplay this reality. Rather to highlight that the poverty experienced in other parts of our world is just incomprehensible until you experience it firsthand. I don’t know the story of the woman in the passage we read today, but I imagine she was in this boat. A type of poor that is so hard for many of us to understand. Even so, with what little she had, she recognized that putting it on the line for the advancement of the gospel was worth it.

Do you have a faith like that? Maybe for you it isn’t laying down material possessions, but best utilizing your gifting. Are you answering God’s call to advance the gospel and His Church through the abilities He has given you? Maybe the better question is- are you laying down your personal desires in this area to take the gospel forward? Because, if you aren’t, you just might be stealing the gifting that the Spirit has assigned you.


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