August 4: Giving Back

Read Proverbs 3:9-10

This week we are digging a little deeper into the commandment “you shall not steal”. Today, we are going to talk about one area of stealing that may catch many by surprise…not tithing. Personally, I didn’t begin tithing until late high school. I wasn’t interested in “giving away” money that I had earned back to the church. It didn’t make any sense to me. I listened to sermon by Pastor Robert Morris and that all changed for me: “Tithing isn’t giving, it’s returning”.

Proverbs 3 gives us a great reminder of just how important tithing is. We are commanded to give the first of our produce back to the Lord and we are even given a promise of what would happen in verse 10. If we are commanded to honor the Lord through the giving back of our wealth and we don’t…are we not stealing?

When thinking over this, I find it hard to imagine that I was stealing from the Lord by not tithing all those years. Through my own personal and spiritual growth and through the teaching of Grace Church, I came to understand more and more that it all belongs to God. When I really understand this concept, and truly believe it, I am overjoyed to tithe because I am returning back to the Lord just a portion of what He has given to me.

This is a journey for some people. It may take time before you are genuinely okay with parting with 10% of your earnings. When we understand and apply the tithing principle, you begin to recognize the value. For my family and I; we don’t want to steal what is rightfully God’s.

There was a time recently when a financial tornado came through my family. One week we had to get 4 new tires on one of our cars followed by 4 new tires on the other car a week later. The week after the second tire addition, we had to pay to replace the rotors and calipers on the second car. Safe to say, there was some money that was moved around to make this happen. What was never compromised, however, was our commitment to the Lord through tithing. For Kelly and I, it is so important to us because we know that it is expected of us in order to honor the Lord.

Have you taken your next step of giving?


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