August 13: Lusting

Read Matthew 5:28 

 A man attended a conference about LUST AND SEXUAL TEMPTATION because his wife demanded it. After the conference he confessed his affair. He was truly repentant and said he would do anything to make it up to her. So she asked him to sign over all the property and assets to her – because the name on them would not matter if he was truly finished with his

lust and adultery. She asked him to shave his chest, and she asked him to get braces on his teeth. He did all three because he realized his actions had humiliated her and he was willing to do anything to humble himself and win her back.

This man was fortunate that his wife even gave him another chance after violating his marriage vows.

It is significant that temptation is not a sin as even the King of Kings was tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 11:1-11). We are to be constantly aware of temptation. Remember God’s promise: “God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear (1 Cor. 10:13).

We are all tempted by sin. So what do we do with it?

Lust is a craving, and it can take any form such as the lust for sexuality, money, power and others. And it can be a slow fade from purity. Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) sings about the SLOW FADE: “It’s the second glance that ties your hands, As darkness pulls the strings.”

 In the book “EVERY MAN’S BATTLE” by Arterburn and Stoeker, a focus is that men can win the war on sexual temptation one victory at a time. “You are sexually pure when no sexual gratification comes from anyone or anything but your wife.“

To attain sexual purity we must starve our eyes of any sexual gratification that is from outside of marriage. When you starve your eyes and eliminate “junk sex” from your life, you will deeply crave “real food” – your wife. And no wonder. She’s the only thing in the cupboard and you are hungry.

The book “EVERY MAN’S MARRIAGE” also by Arterburn and Stoeker, is a detailed guide that can teach a man how to cherish his wife. “What is every woman’s desire? Answer: a husband who will love and cherish her.”

Tom Weckesser

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