August 14: Thankful for Blessings

Read Colossians 3:15-17; Philippians 4:12-13; Ephesians 1:3-14

Today is Thanksgiving! You don’t have to cook a turkey or clean the house. We are just going to pause and be thankful!

As we reflect on the 10th commandment, I am reminded of my childhood days. I would see what my friend had and then ask for the same. The usual answer was “you can’t have everything you want.” This solved the problem for my parents. They didn’t have to buy anything for me, but it didn’t correct my attitude afterwards. I didn’t see anything wrong with my wish and I wasn’t very happy with my parents for the answer I received. Maybe you have received something you didn’t want. I remember that banana-flavored antibiotic I had to take for “my good.”

I have “grown up,” but I can still have a hard time with my attitude when I experience something I didn’t want or when I don’t get what I ask for.

A dear lady I know gave me a magnet with this saying on it: “Contentment is a state of heart that says you would be at peace if God gave you nothing more than He already has.” Paul writes in Philippians (he was in prison) “I have learned to be content” and “I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me.”

What we receive as we learn and practice contentment is so much more than coveting and/or getting our way. I don’t need one more earthly possession, but I do need what Colossians 3 offers:

  • The peace of Christ
  • Great community with the body of Christ
  • To learn real thankfulness in whatever we do or say in the name of our Lord Jesus

Because I am a Christ follower, I have received peace with God and forgiveness of my guilt and shame! That is what I needed, and it was provided for me before I knew I needed it. When I accepted this gift through Jesus, I became His child and heir to all the blessings and riches that are given me (Eph. 1:3-14). I didn’t have to beg or plead with Him! This is why every day is Thanksgiving! Thank you Jesus!

Make a list for what you are thankful for in Christ! He is worthy of your praise!



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