August 15: Seek Him, Not Stuff

Read 1 Samuel 6-9, 28-29

Coveting may be the most commonly transgressed commandment by Americans each day. Our lives are built around coveting. Our commercials are designed to strike up emotion of desire within us. We see a car and want it, we see new clothes and “have to have them”, we see a nicely built home and wonder what the owner “does for a living?” A step further has been taken in recent years with widespread social media. At any moment in our day we can catch a snapshot into the lives of our best friends or the rich and famous that we don’t even know. Social media is an exciting invention of the tech age but it only drives us further into coveting. We see what our friends are doing for vacation and “how awesome their lives are.” However, we only get a sneak peak of what they want us to see.

The people of Israel in 1 Samuel were driven by similar thoughts. The people had the same mindset as modern day people. 2018 brings a desire for “stuff” and a passion to obtain things that will make us happy; however, this is never a solution to the desire. Rather, the drive for things spirals and spins out of control with no satisfying ending. The same was true for Israel in the Old Testament. 1 Samuel 8:11-18 gives God’s response to the people of Israel when they demand for a king so they could be “like all the nations.” After listing the hardships that a king would bring upon the Israelites, God told Israel in verse 18 “Then you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day.” God warns Israel of their desires and how no lasting solution will come of it. Instead, challenges, frustration and hardship would come upon the nation of Israel. Coveting is the same now as it was since the foundation of the world. It is rooted in a desire for our own way. God knows what is best for us but we must seek Him rather than our selfish desires.

Jeff Walter

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