Aug 24: Let Love Overflow

Read 2 John 1:1-13

Love and truth are discussed frequently in our world today; yet they are seldom practiced. From politicians to business leaders, even to some pastors, it seems like our world is being continually corrupted by deception and hate.

This is the generation of “fake news.” We live in a society where the integrity of the news is in question, and where there can be “alternative” versions of fact. Perjury runs rampant, with honesty and credibility seemingly being placed on the endangered species list. In most conversations that draw on any form of controversy, people have to defend their integrity by “swearing” to the truth, often swearing upon the name of the Lord or the Bible, to add extra credence to their claim. Is this any surprise though for a world filled with lies?

What about love? I cannot stand watching the news anymore. About the only time I watch the news is when I workout in the evenings and a news station is on the TV, which is a good thing, I guess, because I think the frustration I feel at the sights I’m seeing on the screen make me run faster and lift more weight! The media is filled with hate. You see a story about murders in Chicago, then a story about a politician saying something hateful, then a clip about violent protests in retaliation, and so on, and so on. It is a vicious cycle of hatred.

Think back to middle school science class for a moment. Do you remember Newton’s first law of physics? An object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force. The same is true with our culture. We can sit and complain about how hate-filled, and deceitful our society might be, but until a movement of believers rises up to challenge the status quo, it will remain the same. John calls us in the text today to let our love overflow from our spirit. If we heed the words of John today, we can change our culture. We can make an impact on this crazy world, but it all starts with you and I. How do we treat our neighbors? How do we respond in the face of adversity?  How are we handling confrontation and opposition.? If we respond in the way of the world, the world will never change; but, if we follow the example of Christ and act out of love, that changes everything. Jesus changes everything.





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Pastoral Intern, Grace Church
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